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@admin i teraz pod-odpowiedz!

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A new version of #mte has been released!

- Trending algorithm moved to ElasticSearch
- More stable listener
- Trending instances
- Trending languages
- Better stats page

If you want to support my work on #mte, please consider buying me a coffe at bit.do/mtebmc - thanks! #mastodev #mastodon

@Thepunkgeek i was thinking about creating an event-dedicated app based on activitypub and compatible with mastodon - who knows, maybe some day ;)

@Eva805 that's a good idea, Will definitely do that. Thank you :)

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@smallsees that's an excelent idea. I'm currently working on a different solution (based on elastic search "significant terms" algorithm) but your idea could be implemented on top of mine in some future iteration. Will definitely look into this, thanks :)

@michaelafisher using mastodon-tags-explorer.hcxp.co (@tagsexplorer) might be a good idea to browse instances by tags used on them

@IDIOTEQ too bad RUINER is playing live so fast i can't even recognise the songs 😥

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You can now browse more detailed info about each language used in toots across the fediverse, check it out here:


Nest step: Trending algorithm refactor!

#mastodon #mastodev #mte

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@MistressEmelia for anyone curious - i checked out how Significant Terms works, reverse enginereed it a bit and decided it's not worth it to add ES to stack to such a simple website while i can do the same with pretty simple SQL query. On the other hand, this neo4j thing looks pretty exciting, i need to dig more about it! Might give us some interesting insights about the network

@MistressEmelia yup that's the exact plan :)

@MistressEmelia @cassolotl i've actually found something called "Significant terms" which seems to ideally fit our needs. Ideally i would love to move fully to ES from postgres to maximally simplify the stack but i'm not sure it's doable or even profitable. Need to read more about that :) Anyway - ES is a tool of choice for refactoring trending topics on Mastodon Tags Explorer, thank you for the ideas! 👍

@MistressEmelia @cassolotl that definitely sounds nice, i'm gonna play with that

@MistressEmelia @cassolotl thanks for the reply! The real question here is how to improve the algorithm to show the truly trending tags, not how to optimise the current algorithm. I'm thinking about basing it on: check the average taggings per hour and see if amount of taggings for last hour is at least, say, 20% higher than the average for last ~12 hours.

I need to test several solutions that comes to my mind - any suggestions are more than welcome tho !

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@IDIOTEQ is a perfect place to go when in urge to browse embarrassing photos from my teenage years, don't even say that 😱

@IDIOTEQ holy shit! i totally forgot about that website. What a flashback