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"You Fail Me" by Converge (Epitaph Records / Deathwish Inc.) is 14 years old today!

Distrolution shares a new video interview with John Joseph from Cro-Mags (Hardcore / USA) @ Hellfest Open Air 2018, June 23rd - // .@jjcromag .@hellfestopenair

Philadelphia-based post-metal veterans ROSETTA will reissue 2013's The Anaesthete and 2015's Quintessential Ephemera full-lengths on 2xLP via Pelagic Records next month - // .@rosettaband .@pelagic_records

Washington, DC-based death metal act GENOCIDE PACT shares their new "Blood Rejection" music video in conjunction with the kickoff of the Relapse Contamination Tour 2018! // .@genocidepact .@RelapseRecords

Vicious straight edge metalcore beast ✖ EDEN IS GONE ✖ streaming new track off their new LP "Become A Curse" - FFO: Day Of Suffering, Arkangel, First Fight Down, In Flames nad XXX! //

NINE INCH NAILS playing “The Perfect Drug” live for the first time ever - // .@nineinchnails

JOYCE MANOR release new song and music video “Silly Games” - New LP 'Million Dollars To Kill Me' out September 21st! // .@JoyceManor

Dutch hardcore icons VITAMIN X make their return to North America this month - New LP Age Of Paranoia out now on .@TwatterLord ! //

punk rockers BIKINI KILL offer their entire catalog on streaming services! Spotify, Tidal and Apple Music! .@theebikinikill

J. Bannon "Dunedevil" Art Book: 2nd Edition - estimated ship date October 5th, 2018 - pre-order NOW - .@deathwishinc

THE DILLINGER ESCAPE PLAN covers BLACK FLAG's "Damaged I & II"! The track appears on the Dark Operative comp "It Came from the Abyss" (Volume 1). LP's available from - // .@dillingerescpln .@TDEP_ .@dark0perative

Dave Grohl joins Trombone Shorty & the Orleans Avenue on Saturday for a rare jazzy instrumental live performance of NIRVANA’s “In Bloom" - //

heavy hardcore pack INCENDIARY live White Eagle Hall in Jersey City, NJ on September 8th, 2018 during Back to School Jam 2018 - multiple angles full set from .@FeetFirst11 is here: // .@IncendiaryHC

MADBALL streaming new video for their new track Freight Train - // .@madballNYC

🇵🇱️ Koniec Kraju Polska 🇵🇱️ Warsaw punks Limp Blitzkrieg drops a new political statement through their new surprise LP, streaming now on, along with a proper commentary...